New version 3.x of OS Touch Slider!

Joomla Slider With Text (Text Variation 2)

Resize browser window to make sure your slider content is fully responsive
Responsive Slider Captions
Simple Editing
Double click to start text editing and simple drag the caption within the slide to find the perfect position
Endless Possibilities
Create beautiful styled captions without touching a single line of code

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OS Responsive Touch Slider orientation: Horizontal, Vertical

In OS Responsive Touch Slider you can place as many images per slide, as you want: One Image per Slide, Two Images per Slide, Three Images per Slide, Several Images per Slide

OS Responsive Touch Slider allows adding any HTML caption, from simple text to video and audio. It's possible to customize the style of text using styling options. Check out the examples of texts created in OS Touch Slider: Text Variation 1, Text Variation 2, Text Variation 3, Text Variation 4, Your Custom Text Variation

Joomla Responsive Slideshow supports inserting YouTube and Vimeo video, as well as Audio: Joomla Slider with YouTube Video, Joomla Slider with Vimeo Video, Joomla Slider with Audio